Sustainable Community Development

What do we mean by sustainable development?

There is a world of information and resources that help us understand what sustainable development might mean. For us it means creating living spaces that work environmentally, economically and socially. This means different things for different groups of people in different physical environments – so for us here it encompasses:  

Environmentally: That we develop living spaces that contribute to and work with the natural environment. For us that includes:

  • Building smaller living spaces
  • Sharing spaces and resources
  • Building living spaces that work with the natural environment

Specifically what we would love to see develop are homes that achieve a 10 star rating and which work as part of a whole system to support a vibrant landscape.

Economically: That we work co-operatively to create financially viable housing settlements that are more affordable at the time of purchase and long term. This could mean options that include:

  • Creating a co-operative ownership structure where co-op members fund or co-fund the development  - rather than securing private finance and increasing property costs
  • Creating shared structured that reduce the ongoing maintenance and management cost of energy, water and transport  

Socially: The quality of relationships is at the heart of any community and agreeing and building structures for making decisions together and resolving conflict make a huge difference to groups everywhere working well together.

We have experience and some affinity with sociocracy as a model of shared governance but are open to creating or exploring alternative structures