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Welcome to the Eco-Hamlet, Greenmount

The Eco-Hamlet, Greenmount is a small property development on the edge of the Perth Hills that aims to promote micro-housing development that is economically, environmentally and socially sustainable.

The Eco-Hamlet, Greenmount

Built on the best principles of eco-villages, housing cooperatives and the diverse world of intentional communities, the Eco-Hamlet aims to create a property development model that offers intending community members the opportunity to co-design their living environment as well as intentionally creating the community they want to be part of.  

We are currently working with architect Sid Thoo to create an initial concept design for the project, and are looking forward to connecting with potential new community members to support this design process and in creating a beautiful and sustainable micro community in the Perth Hills.

The Eco-Hamlet, Greenmount

The Opportunity

The project has approval to develop three townhouses, two stand alone dwellings and a small studio. The townhouses and stand alone dwellings will be two bedroom homes with the design allowing for use of the loft space to optimise living space available. The studio is a one bedroom dwelling, again with the option of using the loft space as additional living space. 

Work on the subddiion infrastructure will commence early in 2016 with properties availble for purchase, if all goes to plan, towards the end of 2016 and we are actuvely seeking expressions of intererest from poeple who may see this kind of development as a good fit for their principles and lifesyle choices. 

The Eco-Hamlet, Greenmount - Site Elevations

We are keen to her from people who are interested in actively participating in the design and development of the community they will be part of.  many of the initao design decisions have been made already due to the constrained nature of the block and its proximity to the Greenmount National Park, however decisions that need to be made by the community include: 

  • What kind of ownership and governance structure will work?
  • What do we want to share?
  • How do we want to use our common space?
  • How will we manage water and power?
  • What kind of “building guidelines” will we create?
The Eco-Hamlet, Greenmount - Site Plan

About us

The Eco-Hamlet, Greenmount is being developed by Chris Doonan and Angela Williamson who bought the property in March 2014 with the specific purpose of developing a more sustainable and community oriented living environment.

Angela has a background in community development and currently works as an independent leadership development consultant. Chris has been a potter and landscape designer and is currently involved in renovating the house on the property where they live with their 15 year old son and golden retriever.